Free Dating Tips For a Successful Date

Planning or going for a date with someone special? Memorize free dating tips to be successful.Date today without any stress and make you partner surprise. If you are going on date and I think it’s nice. Sometimes be able to go somewhere and get some advice that you know what’s normal. What to wear, how to behave, where you go, what you should care and all that kind of things.In simple words we say them ‘dating tips‘ Even you must know how to stat conversation which type of things you discuss with you date partner. Step by step guide line helps you for your first date. I hope it goes well if you are going on a date soon or looking for a partner for FREE DATE anywhere.

List of Free Dating Tips

The list of tips about dating is less lengthy but perfect.It gonna make no difference if you are dating in New York City or meeting someone in Los Angeles City.These tips will work everywhere with anyone.It is also advised not to rely 100% upon a single point.We have listed down all the major and proven tips of dating here. Also put a sight upon rules of online dating along this guide.

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Don’t Rely On Just a Phone

The first tip for your first date is, not to rely on phone and text. Any one that you need to text before the date get it out the way gets it done. Tell them you’re going on a date that morning or evening and put your phone away .Don’t use cell phone. It’s really rude if you get your phone out .If they’ve nipped off to the toilet you can quickly get it out and have a chat .Don’t let them see. It looks like you’re texting to your friend about it .I think it kind of comes across as just rude completely. When someone sat on their cell phone whole time .It will completely put you off. Don’t sit on your phone and put it in your pocket.

Recognize Yourself

The second tip for your first date is, be yourself. If you have a plan for first date and you’re not being yourself or you don’t feel comfortable then firstly it’s probably not right. You are not comfortable around someone .They are probably not the lady for you or male for you .Definitely when you go on date Be yourself a certain type of music that you don’t like. Don’t say you like it if you don’t. It’s really bad start to a potential relationship. You don’t want to get in a relationship where you can’t be yourself. I think on the first date that’s when you kind of share things each other. Find out about each other. If the person is not right for you then so be it.

More Than Settle

The third tip for your first date is, don’t just settle. If they’re not the person for you .You don’t want to get relationship with them .The reason it would be so much harder to get out of. You’ll know instantly whether someone is the one for you like on the first date .You will even really click with them or you really won’t. If there isn’t in between them you’ve got another date and figure out on that date. You don’t have to make a decision on the first date. That’s kind of what it’s getting to know each other seeing if that you click together .Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself.


The forth tip for your first date is, what to wear. Your dress is very important .Your style, hair cutting,
beard, shoes etc. It obviously depends where you’re going .If you are going for meal. I would probably
wear some black jeans maybe a black kind of shirt and leather jacket which will matching with my jeans
and shirt .Don’t dress overly smart . You should Google for latest dressing trends in your region.Don’t be over smart. Wear the dress in which you feel comfortable
and you feel relaxed. If you are going for some kind of fancy event you must care about your dress.

Overcome Pressure

The forth tip for your first date is, what be decisive. If you go for a meal or something like that and you
can’t choose what you want from menu. It is little bit awkward if you just say you don’t know it just
becomes a little bit annoying. I think you must have in your head what you are going to order. If you’re
going for a meal and you know where you’re going search online get the menu .Read what you want be aware of what you want already .There’s enough pressure on that night and that day decision. You like
the dating partner but you don’t want anything else are a kind of bug.

Put Concentration

The fifth tip for your first date is, focus. If you ignore people around you .You hate when you go to a
restaurant. On same day other dates also going on .You just feel everyone could hear what you are
saying to your date partner. It is like embarrassing and just makes you feel everyone’s listening to your
conversation. No one is keep around you might be friend each other. They might be on a date or might
be in a relationship .They are probably in their own conversation and they are surely not interested in
you .It’s just you feel nervous .You feel everyone is watching you and feel everyone’s listening to your
conversations .They probably not even interested so the more your worry about the people around the
less that you actually be bothered about the person in front of you. They are ones that you need to be
taking and kind of concern with. It’s just kind of blank everyone else. They just don’t think about it.

No Need To Over Think

The sixth tip for your first date is, over thinking in first date. In the world over thinking doesn’t sound bad. But over thinking can cause problems. The world of dating can be a difficult and aggressive one. When you over thing every situation in first dating. Over thinking devour all of your mental energy and thinking processes and mental health. Its often mean that you don’t get any pleasure from the present moment or on first date. If you are too busy to think what happened in future, you’re not enjoying the present time. It creates negative impact on your dating partner. If your dating partner do something slightly outside from your expectation it will case problem. There are many guide line available on internet how to control over thinking.

Choose a Right Spot For Date

The seventh tip for your first date is, go to external focus place. Conversation with confidence and go to
a place with some external focus .Some external focus or higher focus means there’s always something
going on that allows you to talk about it. What’s going on? Example is art galleries where you walk
through the gallery .Like you are walking in part where you see a lot of flowers, trees and lake view.
Select the place where she can go at any time and you can kind of wrap it up at any time. But there’s
always something going on. Something that’s complementary to that is taking her to place where you
feel you are king. Where you have like a lot of power and knowledge. You feel really confident in your
element. If you are like an art connoisseur and you love art know a lot about it. But you’re not that
confident in your general conversation or dating conversation .Take her to an art gallery because in that
way you can engage her all the bits of art really demonstrate .You can demonstrate positive qualities
about yourself. External focus divides the pressure of conversation. If you have low confidence you must
go to external focus place. You can walk in a park or particular cocktail bar.

Lead Your Date

The eighth tip for your first date is, leading. If you are not leading, you are being indecisive. Indecisive and indecisiveness or massive attraction killers. Indecision is a massive attraction killer. Make sure on your dates you are leading. When you first go up to her on a date go up to it give her hug and kisses on her checks. You can say come with me this way grab a hand and then lead. Show your confidence in physically engaging her and it show you know where you’re going .You know what you’re doing and she’s in safe hand. Every girl wants to feel like she’s in safe hands. That idea of leading is a mentality.

Follow Your Partner

The ninth tip for your first date is, talk about what your dating partner want. Before going on first date
you should know the like and dislike of your dating partner. Some girls like funny movies some of them
like romantic movies. Few of them like songs and historical movies etc. If you don’t like movies it’s ok
but you don’t need to talk against movies. Select the topic for conversation which both of you interest.
For example I like historical movies and she also like historical movies .If we discuss on it that it will be
success of first date.</p.

Schedule Your Dating Day

The tenth tip for your first date is, perfect day for date. I think it definitely end day of the week. If it is a Monday night then you most likely have worked for the rest of the week so probably not ideal. Mostly
like to go on a day on Thursday or Friday night even over the weekend. You are a little bit not relaxed.
You haven’t got a whole week of work impending .If you got the day off the next day it’s kind of nice.
You feel a bit more chilled and more relaxed .If you know a certain date that you have not got to do
anything. The next day we haven’t got to go to work. Get up early then you will definitely be more
relaxing yourself .You will be happier and nicer company for that evening. On a day where you don’t feel
so stressed out.

Don’t Let Silence Ruin Your Date

The eleventh tip for your first date is, make perfect first date. If you know the person first you go on
walk .You probably wouldn’t go on a walk with a stranger .Because you did be a bit weird. If you need a
person you did like to a nice walk in summer’s day. You maybe a picnic or something like that you didn’t
know coffee in a coffee shop. You don’t mind going out for a meal but some time you feel. You feel a
little bit awkward when you sit opposite each other and have a conversation. If you are going for a walk
or say bowling or something there’s going on. It’s not so awkward .The worst place for a first date would
be the cinema .It is a bit of cop-out and you just sit there watch a film .You don’t actually speak to each

Don’t Act Like Strangers

The twelfth tip is what to ask. If you don’t know them then you could have some question like oh! God I
don’t know .This is like being on a date question like what kind of music she likes. What kind car she
likes. What kind of movie she likes then led to, you know I like romantic films, funny movies, Ferrari car
and sport bike. I know every woman and man like romantic films. Next step you say did you see this
movie or have you ever seen the notebook .You probably should watch the notebook .If you are a man
just to you know get up on the gossiping thing there . That lead to other conversation which is important in dating tips. You could also ask do they like their work, what is their dream job, have they been travelling?
There are so many questions you can ask. That did be interesting to know just ask them for as
conversation going too far. I suggest that don’t bring up any ex-girlfriends of boyfriends and what’s a
conversation about exes on the first date.

Try easier conversation

The thirteen tip in the list of dating tips is who will lead the conversation It’s depends whether you know the person already. If you’re on a date with someone that you’ve already friend .The conversation will be a little bit easier .If they are completely new and you don’t know anything about them .The conversation won’t be as easy.
You’ll have some stuff to talk about because you won’t know anything. It is always nice to share the
question. I think if it’s one sided .It can be a bit awkward time so if you were asking all the questions and
you are just getting the answer and nothing back .That kind of feels a bit awkward .I think it’s kind of
good to leave it.If you ask then she will ask back.It is kind of bounce.